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Whether you need to store heat for a home applcation or for boats and campers we can help you find the right soloution, we can also supply retrofit coils for  exsisting cylinders. Solar Thermal Panels can be sized to suit.


All our large thermal stores are made to order and can be custom build to suit your needs, ie. extra tappings, coils etc. please contact us if you can't find what your looking for on our shop and don't forget to cheack out our blog for sizing and techincal info.


Marine calorifiers are manufactured in a wide range of configurations to meet the diversity of applications and installations required of boat builders and fitters.

All units are fitted with a pressure relief valve, thermostatic mixing valve and a 2¼" immersion boss.

Available as either vertical or horizontal format and factory insulated, marine cylinders can be supplied with single coil or, twin coils where dual heat sources such as engine and solid fuel or gas boiler even solar! are available.


Thermal Stores, Calorifiers & Retrofit Coils

Domestic Applications

On the Go- Camper Vans and Boat Applications

The Solar Thermal Store unit provides hot water via a thermal mixing valve at high pressure supplied direct from the mains water supply. Requiring only access to a cold water mains supply and a facility to overflow to the outside (direct from the combination units and from a header tank for cylinder units), the Solar Thermal Store can be located almost anywhere within the dwelling or business premises. Simple to install with no requirement for an unvented certificate and being able to take various heating inputs the Solar Thermal Store offers far greater flexibility than the vented or unvented units.

In addition to having the components required for solar heating, the Solar Thermal Store can have as many direct tappings per your requirments which can be used for heating the stored water by various other means, such as, woodburners, pellet/ biomass boilers, range cookers, or other gravity circulating applications. These direct tappings can also be used to take heat from the stored water for the purpose of heating the premises via open vented radiator circuits, heat dump or under floor heating circuits. The same can be done indirectly by fitting the Solar Thermal Store with a high efficiency coil, allowing the radiators and/ or underfloor heating circuits to be installed as sealed systems.

Supplied with a Taconova mixer valve, a 2 litre expansion vessel, a pressure reducing valve and check valve – all fitted to the external pipework.

We have a great range of solutions to provide you with the all the power you need!

From flexible PV panels for caravans & boats to a large range of charge controllers, inverters and batteries.

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