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A reliable battery bank is the key to any successful battery storage system weather it is for on grid increased self consumption or complely off grid systems   it's important to use a brand you can trust.

Rolls batteries are reputably dependable and reliable and used across many industries in the UK including renewable energy. With a battery that will suit any solar, wind, hydro or generator based off-grid or self-consumption system they are versatile and consistent in delivering power when you need it.

A Rolls battery (4000 and 5000 series) uses enveloped separators, an increased liquid reserve and they combine a high density active material with a thick plate design providing an unrivalled cycling service. The 4000 series has a 7 year warranty with a life expectancy of 7-12 years and the 5000 series has a dual container eliminating acid leakage with a warranty of 10 years and a 10-17 year life expectancy.

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We have a great range of solutions to provide you with the all the power you need!

From flexible PV panels for caravans & boats to a large range of charge controllers, inverters and batteries.

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