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                               Small Off Grid system with PV, Micro wind & Battery Storage

Now and again a job comes along that is at once both exciting and challenging, one such job was that of an off grid installation at Zip World’s Velocity site, located in Bethesda in North Wales Zip World Velocity is the longest zip line in Europe and the fastest in the world. The launch site for the zip wire high up in a disused quarry relied solely on an oversized military generator to supply power for the electronic gate system, camera’s and IT equipment. Zip World approached us at Remote Power UK to design and install a more eco-friendly and less noisy off-grid system to replace the old generator.



 We first asked Zip World to gather data together of everything they wished to power and then we designed a system which would meet their needs. We went for a 1.5kWp PV system using the REC Peak Energy Solar panels, a Rutland Furlmatic 24V micro wind turbine feeding into a Rolls Solar AGM battery bank, supplying power to a Victron Easy Solar 1600 inverter/charger which supplies mains electricity has a built in charge controller for the PV system, charges the batteries and also controls a  Hyundai 5.2kW ‘Silent’ long running back-up generator which is brought in automatically when the conditions are not favourable for renewables.



The system was installed and commissioned back in October 2016 and we are happy to say it’s been a success so much so that we have installed a second similar system at Zip World’s Alpha site.


And what was the best thing about working at Zip World? The journey home of course!

zip-world-zipping-home from Kate on Vimeo.

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