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Off-grid renewable solutions

Welcome to RemotepowerUK, your UK supplier of solar PV, wind and battery systems and heating for off grid living.


Benefit from our experience and expertise in the specification and design of combined fully-automated Off-grid Heat and Power systems. Whether you are looking to create complete energy independence or store energy as a back-up, we've got what you need to survive off the grid at your home, farm, commercial premises, school, boat or camper van. We can even build compact power supplies for camping charged by the sun.

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Choose from a wide range of products including full Solar kits, Solar PV, Off-grid Solar Thermal, Wind, Batteries and Thermal Storage. If you are unable to find what you are looking for please contact us, our installer division Raine or Shine are often able to source renewable equipment not currently available via the shop.



Many households and businesses, especially farms throughout the UK do not have an electricity supply and are dependent on diesel generators which can be costly and noisy to run. For isolated homes and businesses it is possible to live off the grid by generating your own electricity with solar PV, wind and hydro turbines in any combination or heating from solar thermal and biomass.


Off grid power is not restricted to those in remote locations; some choose to combine stand-alone systems with their existing supply for self-consumption. The energy stored in batteries is used at times when the solar, wind or hydro power is not being generated such as when the sun has set allowing a more independent way of living.

Thermal solar systems can be used for off grid heating using a thermal store to hold the energy, much like the batteries in a solar PV installation. The efficient collectors harness the solar radiation and have the capability to supply up to 70% of your hot water needs. With low energy pumps your off grid hot water and heating equipment can be used in tandem with solar PV.


Biomass is another viable source for heating and hot water, be it a log burning stove with a back boiler, a wood pellet boiler, wood chip boiler or log boiler. Biomass is considered a sustainable fuel as although burning the wood produces CO2 the trees grown to replenish the supply absorb it.


We consider the best approach to off grid living uk is through combining renewable energy systems and energy conservation. By harnessing the sun’s energy, wind and flow of water and through simple energy saving techniques to minimise the demand you can achieve a more sustainable way of living.


Come and see our showroom near Bala to experience living off the grid - we don't just sell renewable energy, we use it too!

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