UK Renewables hit milestone in production

100kWp System Oxford-Installed by Raine or Shine ltd

It was great to read the BBC’s environment analyst Roger Harrabin’s recent article stating that ‘Renewable sources of energy have generated more electricity than coal and gas in the UK for the first time.’

The National Grid reported that, on Wednesday lunchtime, power from wind, solar, hydro and wood pellet burning supplied 50.7% of UK energy!

It would interesting to know how much of that was generated from Raine or Shine & Remote Power UK’s systems, after 12 years installing renewables hopefully we made a decent contribution!

Wednesday lunchtime provided the perfect conditions for renewables, it being sunny and windy at the same time, what a shame our current storage capacity in the UK is so low as at the time of Wednesday’s record, only 1% of demand was met by storage;

The problem is that our national grid is unable to respond quick enough taking too long to power down the fossil fuel power stations, which is a shame as when the wind blows and the sun is shining these cannot readily be switched off!

If we do want a really effective low carbon national grid for future generations, storage will have to play a major part in the energy mix.

Source- –read Roger Harrabin’s full article here

Is anyone out there?

Tariff drops and a reduction in the number of installers means that things are quiet on the UK renewables front at the moment. Some observers comment that the market is in the same place that it was pre tariffs – but what does that actually mean?

For some it means that the customer base is changing from investment based (what’s in it for me?) to a more ethical outlook (what can I do to help the environment) and this is how things were before the tariff. It’s interesting that when grants were offered to help people overcome the upfront costs of renewables the market remained ‘ethical’. As the tariffs fall further will we see a return to grants being offered to home owners?

One thing for certain is that there is still a demand and a need out there. The other certainty is that we need to communicate in a different way to that market. We need to bring exciting innovative products to people’s attention, we need to use existing products in new ways and allow people to assemble their own systems from the building blocks that we have – but most of all we must stop banging on about ‘return on investment’.

Make the most of the Summer – Install Solar Thermal!

So summer is finally in sight and the nights are getting longer, make the most of the extended daylight hours by installing a Solar Thermal hot water system.

Even in our somewhat temperamental summer weather a correctly sized and installed Solar Thermal system can produce nearly all of your hot water needs throughout May to September, even throughout the winter months Solar Thermal will be helping reduce your bills by increasing the water temperature in your cylinder so you won’t be using as much gas, oil or electric to top up the heat.

Solar Thermal really is ideal for the UK climate as it will still work even on the great British overcast days we all know so well!

What’s more it’s not a necessity to find a MCS accredited installer to fit the system, any competent plumber or even someone with good DIY skills can install a solar thermal system meaning you can save money on install costs compared to an MCS accredited installation. Were always happy here at Remote Power UK to design and supply the kit for you and then will be on hand to talk through any installation queries you may have.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of taking a lovely hot shower with water heated freely by the Sun, ah bliss!


Diary of a complete off grid install- 18 bed bunkhouse Snowdon- Part 5

Installation – Electrical system/Commissioning

So in this our final blog of our Diary of a complete off grid install we’ll run through the electrical side of the system. The hub of the electrical system including the 6kW Sunny Island inverter charger, SMA Sunny boy 3600W Grid tie inverter, Batteries and switch gear is all contained within a lockable room Continue reading “Diary of a complete off grid install- 18 bed bunkhouse Snowdon- Part 5”